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In order to properly diagnose motorcycle faults, you need a professional diagnostic device. Most workshops use a so-called OBD diagnostic device. The abbreviation stands for On-Board Diagnostics and the name already shows the advantage of these reading devices.

This type of professional diagnostic device for motorcycles can be connected directly to the control unit thanks to suitable cables and adapters . The error codes of the interconnected complex systems on the vehicle are read out here in the error memory. The OBD professional diagnostic device presents itself as a real multitool, not just as a pure reading device.

Reading, deleting, calibrating – your “multitool”: the professional diagnostic device!

The OBD diagnostic devices can do more than just one function. In addition to the deep scan, which also includes access to all control devices, you can also delete error codes, among other things.

In addition, the professional diagnostic devices from our shop are able to carry out service resets, for example when carrying out the inspection. This is necessary in order to reset the service interval after the motorcycle has been regularly checked.

In addition, an OBD reader gives you access to all sensors and actuators, as well as their values. With the OBD diagnostic tools you still have practical special functions available for your daily work.

Your specialist diagnosis for all motorcycle brands – no problem thanks to our professional diagnostic devices!

In our online shop you will find the right OBD diagnostic devices for the motorcycle brands K awasaki, Ducati , BMW Motorrad, H arley Davidson and even more.

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