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What is a Rugged Tablet or Rugged Notebook?

Whether in a car workshop, on the street or in your own garage – where vehicles are repaired, a lot of dirt and dust accumulates. Normal tablets and laptops cannot cope with such environmental conditions. That's why we have rugged tablet PCs for connecting to professional diagnostic devices , on the go and in workshops. These are characterized by a reinforced frame, a special design, high resistance to dirt, vibrations, dust and even splash water. The Rugged Tablet with the Windows system can also withstand minor falls.

The rugged mobile devices were originally designed to military standards to withstand the most extreme operational conditions. Nowadays we also offer you the advantages of mobile workshop-suitable tablets for the use of reliable inspection directly on the vehicle.

Rugged tablet with Windows – easy mobile access to the read data!

In our shop you will find various mobile rugged tablets with Windows systems from various providers. This operating system ensures easy usability. In addition, the touchpad surface of the rugged tablet PCs is designed so that they can also be operated with a pen or with gloves - ideal for use in the workshop or outdoors.

Nevertheless, these mobile rugged tablets with Windows installed are not only robust on the outside. The inner values ​​are also convincing. A powerful processor, a screen on which you can easily read the values ​​even in intense sunlight and of course the various interfaces make this robust mobile tablet an ideal, reliable partner in the workshop and on the go.

What are the advantages of a rugged tablet over a protective case?

Of course, there are also protective cases for standard tablets and notebooks that promise increased resilience of the devices. In fact, such protective covers can hardly improve the values ​​for normal tablets in terms of dust resistance, splash protection or fall protection. The design of the rugged tablets also ensures that the built-in elements survive falls well and that dust and splash water cannot even reach the interior. When it comes to vibration resistance and battery life, no one can beat these mobile devices.

At the same time, these rugged tablet PCs are dimensioned so that you can easily access real-time values ​​from the diagnostic devices, retrieve telematics data and view circuit and construction plans. Everything on a small, handy but robust rugged tablet with Windows from our online shop.

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