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Did you know that the Czech car manufacturer is one of the oldest car manufacturers? But when it comes to technical development, equipment, electronic helpers and support systems, this brand is at the forefront. Of course, the same applies to the Czech car manufacturer as to other car brands: the more complex and versatile the installations, the more error-prone the vehicle. You can use your Skoda diagnostic device to find the reason for error codes that occur. But that's not enough. The OBD diagnostic device for Skoda vehicles also helps you to fix these with circuit diagrams and displays.

What is a vehicle diagnostic device used for?

If you want to read an error code on your Skoda from 1996 to 2021, view circuit diagrams or make settings on the control unit, you are exactly right with our OBD diagnostic device for Skoda. With our diagnostic devices you can do much more than just determine your vehicle's error codes. You can also use the VAS Tester to define and delete errors. You will also be able to code and program on the Skoda.

Of course, you can also reset the service interval, for example during an examination. An additional advantage: You can evaluate live engine data at any time. In addition to many other settings, you can also use the diagnostic device to set convenience features on your Skoda, learn keys and control devices as well as instrument clusters or the immobilizer.

Let us convince you of quality at good prices - with your Skoda diagnostic device

Our devices are exclusively refurbished original devices, for example from leasing contracts. The completely updated diagnostic devices support you with readings via the OBD interface and offer you many convenient functions that go far beyond simply reading error codes. Use our VAG devices on your Skoda for measurements, settings and error deletions. The diagnostic device can be used directly in the workshop or garage via plug-and-play. After an uncomplicated setup, data can also be transferred via Bluetooth.
In addition to intuitive user guidance, our support team will be happy to help you personally via email if you get stuck. Of course free of charge.

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