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We offer our OBD diagnostic devices for various models from AUDI to SKODA. However, if you want to carry out tests on the control units of other vehicles, you will need the appropriate adapters or accessories.

You will find what you are looking for in this category if you are looking for adapters, adapter cables and accessories for diagnostic work on vehicles, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles .

What doesn't fit will be made to fit - with the appropriate OBD2 adapters and accessories!

If the connections from the OBD2 connector do not fit the vehicle or vice versa, you will find the appropriate adapter cables here in this category. In this way, the signals and error codes in the control devices can still be read. We offer adapter cables and accessories for a wide range of models: Mercedes, Chrysler, Opel, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Toyota, KIA, Peugot but also VAG, Porsche and GM-Tech.

You can also find adapter cable sets that fit different combinations of pins and connections.

Thanks to the various adapter cables, you can connect your OBD professional diagnostic device to the vehicle without crimping or soldering. Firm and yet releasable.

Chip tuning – no problem with the right accessories and adapter cable!

Chip tuning accesses the parameters in the control unit that influence the performance of the engine. To enable such access, we also offer suitable chip tuning adapter cables . This cable, together with the appropriate professional diagnostic device, can first evaluate the corresponding values ​​of the vehicle and read out any error codes. If the engine is running smoothly, a professional in a workshop can feed the appropriate chip tuning into the control unit via the adapter cable.

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