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Even the heavyweights on the roads need a professional inspection. Whether it’s a bus, van or truck – our diagnostic devices help you with in-depth diagnosis and locating and reading error codes.

On our site you can buy truck diagnostic devices that can read these error codes in the control units of larger vehicles. In addition to the normal cable connection, some of them also offer reading out of the diagnostic systems via a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Of course, you can also carry out service resets or diagnose emissions-related components during the usual inspections on the trucks.

Your OBD diagnostic device for the truck and what it should be able to do

Use the professional OBD diagnostic devices for trucks, buses and vans and get to the bottom of any error codes more quickly. The in-depth diagnosis, troubleshooting plans and vehicle-specific error code help will help you make faster progress and complete the repair or inspection successfully. The tools installed in the diagnostic devices allow you to access the vehicle's data and the various components and their values.

Carrying out various tests, unlocking functions or resetting error codes or entries in the control unit are also aspects that your OBD diagnostic device for trucks can easily handle.

Important: Our devices will not simply turn off after a certain period of time, even if you do not want to run certain software updates. You have a fully-fledged truck diagnostic device at hand without expensive updates and time limits.

Which truck diagnostic devices to buy?

The truck diagnostic devices that you purchase on our site are all refurbished original devices. You will receive a corresponding guarantee on each of the diagnostic devices you purchase. The devices are also reinforced and designed for professional use in workshops. In our shop you will find OBD diagnostic devices for trucks from Panasonic as well as special ones for Scania.

The Panasonic truck diagnostic devices include fault diagnosis and reading on the control unit on a wide variety of large vehicles. This also includes vans from Citroën, Iveco Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and many more.

This OBD diagnostic device for trucks helps you with a wide range of error diagnoses but also with settings relating to important technical properties or pleasant comfort functions.

The OBD diagnostic device, which is specifically designed for Scania vehicles, has the same functionalities, but these are individually tailored to the specifications of the Scania vehicles.

Truck diagnostic device our brands and devices

We offer you original and high-quality diagnostic devices for your diagnosis of trucks, buses and vans. Our brands and devices for truck diagnostics include Scania diagnostic devices, Panasonic diagnostic devices, Panasonic Toughbook and MAN. You will also receive truck adapter plugs and diagnostic plug cables. You get a 12-month guarantee when you buy truck diagnostic devices from your trusted online dealer

Shop safely online at, supposed “professional truck diagnostic devices” are often offered by dubious dealers. Our test showed that these devices are mostly plagiarisms from China and contain pirated copies. Every day, desperate customers who have fallen victim to such dubious providers reach us and complain about defective vehicles, shot control units or even cable fires on customer vehicles. Trust in the market leader in professional diagnostic devices.

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