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The right adapter cable for your motorcycle diagnosis!

Even on two-wheelers, many functions and comfort features are set up via interfaces in the control unit. Corresponding error codes can be read, changed and deleted using an adapter cable for the corresponding motorcycle. Depending on your make, we offer motorcycle cables for BMW, KTM and Yamaha in our shop. This way you can be sure of the perfect fit.

What do I need for the BMW motorcycle diagnosis?

In addition to your suitable adapter cable for your BMW motorcycle, you also need a corresponding OBD diagnostic device. You can then use this to read out error codes, set service intervals and also manipulate convenience functions.

This procedure applies equally to motorcycles from other manufacturers. That's why you'll not only find the right professional diagnostic devices for motorcycles in our online shop, but also suitable adapter cables for Yamaha and motorcycle cables for KTM motorcycles in this category.

Where is the cable plugged into the motorcycle?

You can already see the pin number on the adapter cable. Look at the socket on your motorcycle and select the appropriate side of the cable to plug into. For the different connections of different motorcycle diagnoses on BMW, Yamaha or KTM, you can read the signals correctly on the control unit. This plug-in connection also allows you to adequately program the device using the motorcycle adapter cable.

Can or do I have to use an adapter cable on the vehicle?

Yes absolutely! The adapter cables are made to transmit the correct signals and prevent damage to your motorcycle. Different motorcycle cables have the specifics built in for the respective diagnosis. We therefore recommend that you only use suitable adapter cables for motorcycle diagnostics. So use a suitable adapter cable for your motorcycle diagnosis or an original data cable to transfer the data from the control unit of your two-wheeler to the diagnostic device.

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